Important Nevada Trucking Laws You Should Know

A truck on the road, truck accident

Nevada has specific traffic laws regarding the operation of large vehicles on public roadways. Large trucks must be in compliance with all regulations regarding vehicle size, weight and load before operation. Truck drivers must also obey all laws, including age requirements, health certifications and insurance. Accidents involving large vehicles like semi-trucks often cause serious injury or death. An experienced truck accident lawyer will work hard to ensure that financial compensation is recovered from those at fault.

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Avoiding Dog Bites This Summer

A serious dog, dog bites

Becoming educated about the a dog’s body language, understanding how to properly behave around dogs, and knowing what to do if a potential dog attack is imminent can reduce the risk of a dog bite. Dog bites can result in significant injuries and infections that sometimes leave victims with long term or permanent suffering. Sometimes these attacks even result in death. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old are at the highest risk for becoming victims of dog bites. Since more than half of these dog attacks occur with familiar pets at home, or while visiting friends or family, it is essential that dog owners, parents, and other individuals who come in contact with dogs work together to increase safety and reduce the risk of dog bites. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 4.5 million individuals are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. While some breeds of dogs are more likely to inflict serious, or even deadly injuries, even the smallest, friendliest of dogs can attack under certain circumstances. Understanding Dog Body Language In many situations, dogs will show physical signs that they may be preparing to attack.

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The Power of Language: Accident Changed to Crash in Nevada State Laws

two cars crashed, car accident injury lawyer

In early 2016, a new Nevada law changed the way that Nevada refers to car accidents, which are now referred to using the word “crash.” This change is meant to distinguish accidents from preventable incidents. Why Make this Change? Roadway fatalities continue to be a concern, across the country. Deadly crashes rose by close to 8 percent in 2015, over 2014, with around 38,000 people losing their lives. Safety advocates, federal officials and local leaders across the country are campaigning to change the mindset that collisions are caused by acts of God, rather than human error. At a recent driver safety conference at the Harvard School of Public Health, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agreed with this sentiment, stating that the word “accident” implies that an incident was not caused by a person’s actions. This has been the position of the NHTSA since the 1960s. Nearly all automobile crashes are the result from driver behavior, such as intoxication, distracted driving, speeding and other risky activities. Some crashes are indeed caused by vehicle malfunctions, weather and other uncontrollable factors, but these represent less than 10 percent of all fatal incidents. In the United States, the top three

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Low Speed, High Risk

A woman with a injured neck, personal injury

After a low speed accident, many drivers see no evidence of physical damage, and they walk away without a second thought. It is not until several hours or days later that symptoms of the victim’s injuries manifest. Examples Low speed collisions are a common occurrence for personal injury attorneys, because of the frequency of the accidents. Hundreds of low speed collisions occur in Nevada every day, including: Backing out of a driveway into a passing vehicle Rear ending a vehicle in a parking lot Rolling into a vehicle at a stoplight In most cases, the physical forces are small enough that no injuries occur; however, if there are certain risk factors present, a low speed impact can lead to serious medical problems. Increased Risk Factors Physical forces are only part of the calculations used by personal injury attorneys. The presence of certain risk factors can increase the danger for accident victims significantly. Researchers identify five common risk factors for low speed collisions. Age The age of the victim is the leading risk factor in injuries at low speeds. A young, healthy person may walk away without a scratch, while a senior citizen may need the help of personal injury attorneys

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