Nevada Leads the Way for Autonomous Driving Technology

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With the help of Google, Nevada became the first state to legalize road-testing for autonomous cars in 2011. As a leader in promoting the safety of self-driving cars, Nevada hopes to reduce car accidents and serious injuries and fatalities commonly seen by a car accident lawyer. Autonomous Driving Technology in Nevada Google introduced the first autonomous road-testing in 2009. Since then, the innovative company boasts over one million miles of testing on self-driving cars. Although Google and Tesla may be the biggest names chasing self-driving cars, at least 30 other companies are currently working on developing some form of self-driving vehicle. Legalized autonomous vehicle road-testing in Nevada put the state on the radar screen of a lot of major tech companies. After experiencing regulatory issues in California, Google moved its autonomous road-testing to Nevada.. Since then, Nevada has attracted many additional tech companies to its state autonomous testing program. Under the program, software developers and manufacturers are allowed to submit applications to the Nevada DMV to do autonomous testing, as long as vehicles have been driven at least 10,000 miles. The DMV requires companies to do a road test with state officials and submit an overview of their technology. In

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Snow, Slopes, and Serious Injuries

A woman with an injured right foot, personal injury

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter activities that injure thousands of individuals each season. As the ski season swings into gear, there is no question that emergency rooms and medical personnel throughout Reno will have plenty of injuries to treat. Serious Injuries are Common Approximately 11 million people will head to the slopes during the coming ski season. Of these, it is estimated that 16,950 will end up in the hospital emergency room with a head injury. In fact, skiing and snowboarding are among the leading causes of sports-related head injuries each year. While helmets can help prevent head injuries, nearly 1/3 of patients wearing a helmet will still suffer a significant personal injury. Overall, nearly 1 in every 6 injuries is to the head. In addition to head injuries, paralysis is a real risk. On average, 45 people per year will become paralyzed in a skiing/snowboarding incident. Skiers hitting trees, parked vehicles, and structures are at greatest risk for suffering paralyzing injuries as well as other forms of blunt force trauma. Another significant risk is collisions with other skiers which cause 1 in 4 injuries on the slopes. Fatalities Do Happen Skiing and snowboarding can be lethal. On average,

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The Daily Risks Construction Workers Face

Work tools in construction area, worker compensation

Construction workers face dangerous work conditions every day. Falls from heights, close proximity to fast moving equipment, inadequate safety protections, and many other factors cause hundreds of deaths, and thousands of serious injuries every year. The “Fatal Four” of Construction In 2014, 899 construction workers died on the job. This represents 20% of all workplace fatalities in the United States. Of these, 57% of construction-related fatalities were caused by falls, electrocution, being struck by objects on the construction site, or being crushed between vehicles, material loads, or machinery. Those who work in specialty trades such as laying foundations and concrete workers account for 48% of fatalities. These are followed by those who work on utilities, within sewers, building roads/bridges, or working on oil rigs. These workers account for 17% of fatalities. 16% of fatalities are suffered by construction workers who specialize in building homes, commercial structures, or remodeling. A further 12% of fatalities occur to workers responsible for plumbing, electricity, and HVAC services. Finally, 7% of fatalities happen to finishing contractors such as painters and floor finishers. In addition to fatalities, tens of thousands more workers are seriously injured while building roads, cleaning sewers, constructing homes, etc. Frequently Cited Safety

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Accident Risk Goes Up For Every Hour of Sleep Lost

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Drowsy drivers are involved in 20 percent of all fatal accidents, and a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that the risk of accident involvement increases sharply with each hour of sleep that is lost in a 24-hour period, making it important to get enough sleep. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 35,092 people were killed in accidents in 2015. With drowsy drivers being responsible for 20 percent of all fatal accidents, approximately 7,000 people died in accidents involving tired drivers in 2015. A wrongful death attorney believes that people should make certain that they get adequate sleep each 24-hour period; if they get less than seven hours during the night, they should make up for the loss at another time of the day. Study on Tired Drivers Using data from the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey that was completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reviewed self-reports by drivers who caused accidents that were contained in police reports. Drivers who reported that they had slept between five and six hours in the preceding 24-hour period were twice as likely to be involved in accidents as those

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