When an Overweight Truck Causes a Catastrophe

Trucks are moving on highway, overweight truck risks

  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 3,744 large truck accidents that resulted in at least one fatality in 2014. Another 88,000 large truck crashes resulted in serious injuries. While these massive vehicles are always a hazard, if they are overweight or overloaded, the risk for catastrophe increases significantly. With too much weight, a large truck’s performance can be affected in a number of ways. When an overloaded truck travels down an incline, for example, the excessive weight can cause the vehicle to move at much faster speeds. The truck driver may have more difficulty controlling the vehicle- especially around curves. Attempts to slow down can cause severe strain on the truck’s braking system and could even result in complete brake failure. If a sudden stop is necessary, an overweight truck is also more likely to jack-knife or even roll over. Other possible effects of too much weight include: Less steering control is often experienced Mechanical failure can occur A higher center of gravity raises the risk for a rollover crash Tire blowouts are common Increased risk for improper distribution of the load Load shifts can increase the risk for a rollover Who is Responsible

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These Winter Driving Tips Could Save Lives

A car driving in winter road, winter driving tips

Winter is one of the most dangerous times for driving. To help stave off complacency during this time, the following tips can help save lives during the winter. According to Safe Winter Roads, more than 1,300 people die on winter roads in the US every year. In the event of a serious injury, an accident lawyer can help determine fault and compensation. General Guidelines for Safe Driving Some of these tips are valid regardless of the weather, but for drivers who ignore these tips most of the year, winter is the time to adhere to them. Drivers should: Buckle up before putting the car in gear Not be fatigued or tired when behind the wheel. The likelihood of needing quick reflexes is higher in the winter, so drivers need to be alert Pay attention to the direction of travel, especially when turning Driving on Ice and Snow Driving on ice and snow can be incredibly tricky, but these tips can help drivers deal with the less-than-ideal driving conditions. In winter conditions, drivers should: Drive more slowly, and apply the gas and break more gradually. This will mean slowing down well in advance of needing to be stopped. Pay attention to

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What Car Owners Should Know About Motor Vehicle Defects

image of a car model, car accident

Some automobile accidents are due to a production defect in the automobile or failure of one or more components. In these instances, the manufacturer may be obligated to provide compensation to injured parties. Examples include air bag systems that deploy at improper times or with excessive force, faulty brake systems, stuck accelerator pedals, and complete master computer failure. The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will mandate manufacturers recall vehicles that have known safety-related defects in addition to any motor vehicles found to fall short of minimum federal safety standards. Even if the vehicle that caused an accident or injury is part of a recall, the manufacturer may still be financially responsible to injured parties. The following are a few things every car owner should know about motor vehicle defects. Safety-related defects The United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety (Title 49, Chapter 301) requires all motor vehicles and components be manufactured to a standard the protects the general public from accidents that are caused by poor design, substandard construction, or poor vehicle performance. Safety-related defects are any issues that exist with motorized vehicles or the components of those vehicles and may pose a risk to the

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FMSCA Study Finds Driver Inattention Responsible for Most Accidents

one hand on the wheel, personal injury

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), after an exhaustive study, found that driver inattention is the factor that results in a majority car accidents. The FMCSA is charged with improving the safety of the nation’s trucks by studying traffic patterns, safety, oversight of the industry, and crafting regulations to knit the state’s economies together. The purpose of the comprehensive study was to analyze the various factors that give rise to motor vehicle accidents. The study identified driver inattention as the primary cause. However, driving inattention is an ambiguous term. Inattention is hardly ever the same between two drivers. Thus, rather than instruct drivers to pay close attention, the FMCSA identified five situations or areas in which drivers should enhance their focus on the road. Checking No-Zones No-zones (or blind spots) are areas around a vehicle in which visibility is blocked or reduced. These are the areas around a vehicle in which a crash is likeliest to occur. Every vehicle has a few no-zones, and the FMCSA found that it is crucial that drivers know all of them around their vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spots and the greater likelihood that an accident could result. The

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