Who is Liable for Injuries Sustained at a Rental Property?

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When injuries to tenants or third parties occur, a Nevada property owner or manager may be liable if it is proven that a dangerous condition existed, the landlord knew about or should have known about the hazard, and the landlord’s negligence caused the injuries. Property owners are more likely to be liable for injuries when accidents happen in common areas. Landlords are less likely to be liable when injuries occur inside tenants’ homes from hazards that the landlord did not know about and could not reasonably have known about. When a Landlord Might Be Liable Landlords may be liable for injuries that happen to tenants or visitors to their properties if the accidents happen in common areas. To be liable, there must have been a defect that the landlord either knew about or should have known about. For example, if there is a damaged area of asphalt that has existed for a sufficient length of time on a walkway, the landlord may be responsible to pay damages if someone trips and falls because of the defect. Landlords may avoid liability by warning visitors and tenants of dangerous conditions by posting signs, taping off the area around the defect or positioning

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Pedestrian Fatalities Reach All-Time High [infographic]

Pedestrian Fatalities Reach All Time High

Pedestrian accidents are becoming increasingly common in Nevada and across the U.S. A large contributor to the problem for both drivers and pedestrians is a distraction from cell phones, other people, electronics and eating while they are driving or walking. Many accidents happen when pedestrians attempt to cross the street. While cities like Reno and Elko have worked to improve pedestrian pathways, crosswalks and sidewalks, the incidence of pedestrian accidents has continued to increase. An accident lawyer may recover damages for injured victims or the families of those who are killed in pedestrian accidents.

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Worker Protections for First Responders with Heart or Lung Disease

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In recognition of the unique dangers that firefighters, police officers and other first responders face in their jobs, the Nevada legislature passed a law in 2015 that allows first responders who develop debilitating heart and lung conditions to recover workers’ compensation without having to prove that their occupational exposures led to their disease conditions.Firefighters and police officers already face numerous risks while they fight fires and crimes each day.

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Safety Regulations for Chemical Plants Delayed

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A regulation that was finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect workers and the public from chemical plant accidents has been delayed by the Trump Administration, and 11 states have filed a lawsuit against the EPA as a result. The rule, which would help to protect Nevadans who work with chemicals as well as people who are members of the public and who reside near facilities that work with chemicals, was recently delayed by two years. The states that have sued claim that the EPA is placing special interests above the public’s health and safety and that the action by the agency is illegal.

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What Chemicals May Be Lurking In Your Drink? [infographic]

Chemicals Lurking in your Drink

People who go to restaurants or bars in Nevada may be seriously injured if their drinks are tainted with toxic cleaning agents that are used to clean drink lines and glassware. Contaminated drinks have caused thousands of injuries in Nevada and elsewhere across the U.S. When victims suffer serious injuries because of chemical exposures to toxic substances in the drinks that they are served, a personal injury attorney may help them to recover damages.

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Important Rule Could Save the Lives of Truckers, Other Motorists

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An important rule to screen and assist truckers with obstructive sleep apnea could save lives and prevent injuries to countless motorists. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced this summer that they would table the new rule. The decision to table the proposed rule is a significant step backward that could leave drowsy commercial truck drivers behind the wheel. The Proposed Rule In 2016, the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA) began working on new rules aimed at screening and treating drivers for sleep apnea.

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Predicting the Outcome of Whiplash Injuries

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According to researchers, the outcome of whiplash injuries that are suffered by people in Nevada might be predicted by post-accident reported pain and disability. Whiplash is the leading type of injury that people suffer in collisions. People who experience the most reported pain and neck stiffness from whiplash injuries following car accidents are the most likely to still be suffering from disabilities one year after the accident, according to research. Other prognosticating considerations include psychosocial factors such as anxiety, seeking medical and legal help early and the tendency to catastrophize.

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OSHA Cuts Back Workplace Fatality Reporting [Infographic]

OSHA Workplace Fatality Reporting

OSHA recently changed its fatality reporting requirements on its website and will report fewer workplace fatalities in the future under a new policy. This change in reporting standards may make it more difficult for researchers to find accurate fatality data and to make safety recommendations. The policy is a change from the past few years, during which OSHA maintained a list of fatalities on its homepage with locations, names and dates. The change was made on Aug. 25 when OSHA removed the data from its homepage.

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Car Accidents: Does Size Matter?

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Despite safety improvements in all types of vehicles, small cars in Nevada still carry higher injury risks when they are involved in accidents. Because of the safety features that are included in late-model small cars, they are better than older, larger cars in accidents, however. The safest passenger vehicles on the market are SUVs because of their greater weights and sizes. Even when people opt for safer vehicles, they may still be involved in injury accidents. A car accident lawyer helps the victims of car accidents to recover monetary compensation. Safety Risks of Small Cars Small cars weigh less and have smaller front ends than do larger vehicles such as SUVs. When they are involved in front-end crashes, the engines and hoods are smaller and offer less protection from the physical forces that are released. This means that the people inside of the vehicles will be exposed to more of the crash forces and are likelier to suffer serious injuries. Smaller cars are lighter and do not take as long to come to complete stops. By contrast, larger, heavier vehicles such as SUVs require greater braking distances. When large vehicles crash into smaller cars, they may still be moving fairly

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Those at Greatest Risk for Adolescent Sports-Related Injuries

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Adolescent football players in Nevada are not the only high school students carrying a higher risk of suffering concussions. A recent study reveals that female soccer players have the highest risk of all adolescent athletes of suffering these traumatic brain injuries. While high schools and junior highs across the country mandate that football players wear helmets, girls who play soccer do not have similar requirements and are just as susceptible to injuries. Injured athletes who suffer concussions may have lasting damage, resulting in potentially lifelong disabilities. An injury lawyer may help victims to recover damages to compensate them for their losses. Prevalence of Adolescent Sports-related Concussions An estimated 300,000 adolescents suffer concussions in the U.S. every year. Researchers wanted to examine sport- and gender-related differences in the risk of suffering concussions while adolescents are involved in high school athletics. They reviewed injury data for adolescent athletes that were reported to the High School Reporting Online system from 2005 to 2014. Between those years, there were 18,745,000 sports-related injuries and 6,399 reported concussions. The overall concussion rate increased during the study period. The researchers also looked at the rates of injury in eight different high school sports, including football, girls’ soccer,

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