Major Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

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Many truck accidents are caused by truck companies and truck drivers who act in a negligent manner and put the lives of others at risk. Many of these accidents are completely preventable if the trucking industry and truck driver take steps to protect other passengers on the roadways. Some of the common reasons for fatal truck accidents include: Driver Fatigue Truck drivers are incentivized to deliver loads as quickly as possible because they are often paid by the load. The faster that they can get products delivered, the faster they are paid, causing many truck drivers to cheat the system. Federal agencies recognize the dangers that truck drivers pose and have institute hours of service requirements that require truck drivers to take rest breaks after traveling for so long and to work for a maximum number of hours a day. However, not all trucking companies or drivers follow these requirements. Often, individuals wind up injured or killed in truck accidents caused by tired drivers. Speeding Drivers who want to deliver their loads faster may also speed to get to their destination more quickly. However, commercial trucks often weigh more than 20 times the weight of the average passenger vehicle. This Read more

Taking a Stand Against Tipsy, Stoned Drivers

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Even with increased enforcement and education, drunk drivers continue to cause injuries and claim lives. In 2015, 1.1 million individuals were arrested for drunk driving; however, that’s just 1% of the nearly 111 million self-reported incidents of drunk driving that take place every year. The Toll of Drunk Driving 10,265 people died in drunk driving accidents in 2015. This represents nearly 1/3 of all traffic related fatalities. Drunk driving accidents are also the leading cause of for children under the age of 14. In 2015, 1,132 automobile related accident deaths were recorded in this demographic. Of these, 16% were caused by a drunk driver. It is estimated that every 2 minutes, a driver, passenger, or pedestrian is killed by a drunk driver. Even more frightening are statistics collected by MADD that show 50-75% of convicted drunk drivers will continue to operate a motor vehicle while on a suspended license. Over the course of a lifetime, it is estimated that 2 in every 3 motorists will be involved in an alcohol-related crash. Each year, drunk driving accidents cost Americans more than $132 billion in the form of emergency medical care, treatment, lost wages, property damage, and funeral expenses. Effects of Marijuana Read more

Nerve Damage: How Simple Injuries can Result in Serious Harms

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Nerve damage is a deceptively simple “catch-all” term that describes a wide range of accidents and injuries that can result in devastating harms that affect people for the rest of their lives. Nerve damage is tricky because it sneaks up on people, the initial injury could start a chain reaction that does not result in substantial pain or damage for weeks or months. Moreover, once nerve damage is ascertained, it is often permanent and can result in debilitating pain, loss of motor functions, and feeling. Causes of Nerve Damage Nerves are remarkably sensitive organs. They snake throughout the human body and are responsible for every sensation a human can experience from warm and cold to sharp and dull. Nerves are also intimately connected to the spine and brain and are responsible for alerting the brain when something is wrong with a part of the body. Therefore when nerves suffer damage, these damaged nerves send confusing or contradictory instructions to the brain which results in ghost pain and other issues commonly associated with nerve damage. Injury to peripheral nerves (those spread throughout the body) can occur through a broad range of trauma including: Lacerations that damage or sever a nerve: such Read more

Five Industries At Highest Risk Of Slip And Fall Accidents

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people working construction, health services, transportation and material moving, cleaning and maintenance, or in extraction occupations are at highest risk of slip-and-fall injuries. The CDC calls slip-and fall-injuries a significant workplace hazard that results in an average of 798 worker deaths each year. Slip-and-fall injuries occur in all professions and account for approximately $70 billion annually in workers’ comp payouts and medical costs. Some industries like construction, maintenance, and mining have a significantly higher number of slip-and-fall fatalities due to the nature of the work. Fall-related deaths Falls are a leading cause of death for construction workers. According to the CDC, those working in electrical trades, plumbing, and as HVAC technicians have a high risk of death due to falls because they frequently work from ladders. The highway and streets trade has the highest proportion of deaths due to improper work surfaces. Some falls in that industry are due to individuals working from atop moving vehicles. All employers must provide thorough safety training on the proper use of all equipment and take steps to ensure employees have a reasonably safe work environment. A workers compensation attorney can advise individuals who have Read more

Three Things To Know About Slip And Fall Injuries That Occur On A Client’s Premises

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Workers injured in slip and fall accidents while working at properties away from their employer’s business location may still be compensated. Construction workers and those who provide in-home care spend most of their work hours at the property of their employer’s clients. This means any work-related slip and fall injury they incur is most likely going to take place on a client’s premises rather than their employer’s. The employer of these workers and the property owners still have some responsibility to ensure the work environments are reasonably safe. If they have been negligent, the injured workers can consult a personal injury lawyer and pursue a lawsuit for compensation under Nevada law. Eighty-five percent of all workers’ compensation claims are due to falls, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Flooring Types and Condition Often Cause Falls The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) finds that more than 2 million slip and fall injuries each year are due to floor materials and floor conditions. Loose floor coverings, uneven floors, and slick surfaces lead to falls and serious injuries that can cause injured workers problems for the rest of their lives. Property owners may be liable if they ignored dangerous conditions like loose Read more

Study Finds Most Drivers Use Phones Behind the Wheel

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  A recent study found that 88 percent of people use their phones while operating motor vehicles. Distracted driving is one of the biggest concerns that safety advocates and government regulators have been grappling with since cell phones hit the market and were enhanced with texting and eventually iPhone-like smartphones. According to most experts, using a phone while driving is among the most dangerous activities a person can do while operating a motor vehicle The Study: Findings and Warnings Zendrive, an analytics company, found in its study that everyone uses their phone while driving. The trend isn’t limited to age, sex, ethnicity, education, or geographic location – everyone uses their phones while driving. Zendrive relied on sensor data from over three million drivers and about 5.6 billion driven miles for a total of 570 million trips to crunch these findings. The Zendrive study is the largest distracted driving study ever undertaken. Zendrive found that 88 percent of people use their phones while driving. The average driver uses his or her phone for about 3.5 minutes per hour while driving. It’s easy to assume that three-and-a-half minutes isn’t a lot of time to be distracted per hour however it only takes Read more

How much insurance are commercial trucks required to have?

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Trucks with a commercial registration have both state and federal insurance requirements. Federal regulations establish a minimum amount of insurance coverage that ranges from $750,000 up to $5,000,000 based on the type of commercial vehicle and the cargo being transported. There are different requirements for commercial vehicles that transport people as opposed to those transporting property. Trucks that haul potentially hazardous cargo have some of the highest insurance coverage requirements for drivers hauling property. Motor carriers transporting people have the highest coverage minimums. Minimum coverage amounts The minimum federal financial responsibility requirement for motor carriers operating in interstate or foreign commerce with a vehicle seating capacity of 16 or more passengers is $5,000,000. The minimum required coverage for vehicles with seating capacity of 15 or fewer passengers is $1,500,000. There are some exceptions to that amount. A truck accident lawyer can advise on the amount of insurance a commercial vehicle is required to have based on the type and any state-specific laws. Motor carriers transporting hazardous substances must have at least $5,000,000 of coverage. There are some exceptions that allow for the transportation of hazardous waste and other hazardous materials in bulk with a minimum coverage as low as $1,000,000. Read more

Careers with the Highest Reports of Workers Compensation

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While every worker is at risk of experiencing an injury or fatal accident, workers in certain professions face an elevated risk due to the requirements of their jobs. These risks increase when employers fail to adhere to laws and regulations that are designed to mitigate the risks their employees face each time they clock in. The Most Dangerous Professions Production/Transportation/Material Moving – Records from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate the there are 200 injury causing incidents per 10,000 workers engaged in the production or transportation of goods. Construction –  There are 191 incidents of injury or illness that lead to time away from the workplace for every 10,000 construction workers. This is nearly double the incidence rate of 107 for all occupations that are tracked by BLS. Service Sector – There are 170 incidents of injury or illness for every 10,000 employees in the service sector. These include waitstaff, health care professionals, waste management, entertainers, etc. It also includes office workers engaged in professional services. Sales – Sales and general office personnel record 50 incidents or injury or illness per 10,000 workers. These incidents include everything from injuries caused by office equipment to prolonged exposure to the elements. Management/Science – Managers, Read more

The Leading Cause of Death Among Children and Adolescents

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According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accidents (unintentional injuries) are the leading cause of death for victims under 24 years of age. Many of these fatal accidents are caused by the negligent, or sometimes intentional, acts of another person. When this is the case, responsible parties can be held liable for the damages caused, and families of victims can receive compensation to help cover the costs associated with their loss. Over 12,000 young people lose their lives in accidents in the United States every year. The National Vital Statistics Reports reveal that just under one-third (32.4 percent) of deaths among children between the ages of 1 and 9 are caused by unintentional injuries. For victims between the ages of 10 and 24, that number jumps to 40.7 percent, followed by suicide (15 percent) and homicide (14.9 percent). Some of the most common types of fatal injuries among America’s youth are caused by: Motor Vehicle-Related Accidents For children and adolescents under the age of 19, incidents related to motor vehicles cause the most deaths overall. The highest death rates were among victims who were passengers or drivers in motor vehicles, but there are Read more

Federal and State Laws You Can Use to Recover Compensation for Your Truck Accident Injuries

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Due to the potential harm that truck drivers can cause, a number of federal and state trucking regulations are in place to protect other drivers on the road. Trucking companies have a heightened duty to maintain safe practices. When their behavior rises to the negligent level, recovery may be possible. Federal Trucking Regulations The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishes laws that aim to prevent trucking accidents. A car accident lawyer can investigate if any of these rules were violated and if they could have played a part in a victim’s accident. Some of the laws designed to reduce the number of trucking accidents include: Off-duty requirements – Truck drivers are required to take at least ten consecutive hours off duty before starting a new shift. Hour limitations – Truck drivers must not work more than 60 hours within seven consecutive days or 70 hours in eight days. Additionally, truck drivers should only drive a maximum of eleven hours in a fourteen-hour shift. Break requirements – Truck drivers are required to take a break of at least 30 minutes after driving eight hours before they can resume driving. Weigh limits – The FMCSA imposes certain weight limitations for commercial vehicles. Read more

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