Can Changing Vehicle Design Save Pedestrian Lives? [Infographic]

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If car manufacturers made some design changes to the front ends of vehicles in the U.S. and in Nevada, fewer pedestrian deaths might occur. European countries follow more stringent design regulations and are rated under the New Car Assessment Program standards. In the U.S., by contrast, cars do not have to comply with these pedestrian-focused design regulations and do not follow the NCAP ratings. A comparison of one European country with the U.S. and India revealed that the different front-end designs that are used in Germany help to save a much higher percentage of pedestrians than in either the U.S. or in India, neither of which have these types of regulations in place. If these design changes were made in American vehicles, accident lawyers would likely see fewer fatal pedestrian accident cases. Impact of Front Design Changes Researchers reviewed data from the Global Burden of Disease project and the International Road Traffic and Accident Database in order to determine the baseline rates of pedestrian fatalities and injuries in 2013 in Germany, the US. and India. They were interested in determining the effect of the heavy motor vehicle front-end design standards that are followed in Germany as compared to countries in

Keeping Workers Safe in Confined Spaces In Residential Construction

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Because of the dangers involved in working in confined spaces during residential construction projects, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued guidelines that Nevada employers must follow on job sites. Confined space work may cause workers to suffocate, suffer heat exhaustion or to be entrapped. The regulations governing work in confined spaces are designed to prevent the types of injuries that might otherwise occur during construction projects. If workers are injured or killed when performing work in confined spaces, a workplace injury attorney may help to recover compensation for their losses. Hazardous Conditions in Confined Spaces Under OSHA’s standard, certain types of confined spaces require permits before work can begin. The affected spaces are confined areas containing certain hazardous conditions, including those that: Have or carry the potential to contain dangerous atmospheric conditions; Contain materials that could potentially entrap or engulf workers; Have floors that slope downward or that have walls that slant inward, which could trap workers and cause them to asphyxiate because of their configurations; and Have any other condition that may potentially be hazardous to the workers’ health or safety According to OSHA, basements, crawl spaces, and attics will generally not need permits before work can

Could Self-Driving Cars Introduce More Dangers to the Road?

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While driverless cars may make the roads safer while reducing commute times, they may also bring new dangers to the roads. Google, which is developing its own self-driving car, recently stated that its vehicles may be available to consumers in just five years. Experts predict several issues may make self-driving cars introduce new dangers to the roads, especially when they are newly available. If an accident is caused by a self-driving car, a personal injury attorney may help to determine who the liable parties might be. Potential Dangers Associated with Self-Driving Cars Self-driving cars are complex and have multiple technological systems that allow them to travel around other vehicles with little input from humans. Because of the complexity of the systems, it is foreseeable that they could fail. Since they rely on their connections, there is also the potential for hackers to hack into driverless cars which could lead to multiple simultaneous failures or takeovers of these vehicles. IHS Automotive predicts that as many as 54 million self-driving cars will be on the roads worldwide by 2035. Sometime after 2050, it is predicted that almost all of the vehicles on the world’s roadways will be driverless vehicles. When self-driving cars

The Cost of Car Crashes in Nevada: By the Numbers

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Each year, motor vehicle accidents in Nevada injure or kill hundreds of victims and cost millions of dollars worth of losses to the state’s residents and businesses. Most car accidents are preventable, and there are several safety measures that Nevada could implement that could help to reduce the number of car accidents that happen. In addition, drivers should take precautions when they drive to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a crash. With improved preventative efforts on the parts of drivers and of the state, the car accident rate could decline. When people are injured in accidents that are caused by negligence, a car accident lawyer may help them recover damages. Costs of Nevada Fatal Car Accidents The costs associated with fatal accidents in Nevada each year are staggering. Medical expenses associated with these serious accidents average $3 million and work-loss costs average $352 million for a total annual cost of $356 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Injured occupants of vehicles account for 14 percent of the average annual costs at $51 million. Motorcyclists account for 28 percent of the total costs at $99 million annually while pedestrians account for 22 percent of the

Sharing the Roads: Bicycle Edition

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Nevada permits bicycles to operate on public roadways however it imposes several restrictions on bicycles and cars to ensure that both vehicles share the road safely. The law regulates all devices “propelled by human power” in which a person can ride. The rules are limited to vehicles using two wheels over 14 inches in diameter or any vehicle accepted as a bicycle equipped with no more than two front or two rear wheels, excluding mopeds. The definition, therefore, excludes tricycles and smaller bikes designed for children. Sharing the Road: Where Bike Can and Can’t Go Nevada explicitly recognizes the right of bicycles to share public roads with motor-driven vehicles such as cars and trucks. However, the law imposes several restrictions on bikes and cars to ensure that they shared the road safely. The Nevada Legislature delegated the power to the Department of Transportation and local authorities to restrict access to highways, for instance, requiring permits. Moreover, the local authority can also prohibit bikes, pedestrians, and other nonmotorized vehicles from operating on a specific highway. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in a misdemeanor charge against the offender. These restrictions are used to prohibit the use of bicycles on

The Risks of Roofing

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Roofing is the sixth deadliest profession in America and nationwide more than 50 roofers suffer fatal injuries on the job each year. From falls to a lower level, heat stroke, and the use of dangerous tools, there is no shortage of risks and dangers the men and women who build roofs face every single day they climb the ladder to the top of their profession. Common Risks and Injuries Roofers Face Falls from Height – A study conducted by the Center for Construction Research and Training Data Center showed that from 1992 to 2009, 6,591 of the 20,498 construction fatalities during this period were due to falls from heights. In the roofing industry alone, falls caused 76% of all roofer fatalities. In 2014, there were 647 fatal falls, and 340 of these were falls of 20 feet or less. Slips & Trips – Slips and trips often lead to falls, and in 2014 these increased by over 17%. Slips and trips can occur when materials are improperly stored when surfaces are improperly maintained, or when the actions of other construction crew cause a roofer to lose their footing. Electrocution – Roughly 11% of roofing deaths are due to electrocution. From

Truckers Susceptible to Deadly Distractions

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Truck drivers are extremely susceptible to distractions while traveling on the roadways of America. When motorists share the roads with distracted truckers, the consequences can be life changing. In the blink of an eye, a large truck that is traveling at highway speeds can completely demolish another vehicle, causing severe injuries and even death to the other driver and his or her passengers. Common Distractions Truck Drivers Face Truckers spend extensive amounts of time transporting goods across the United States. Due to the nature of their jobs, they are often forced to perform activities while operating these massive vehicles that can easily take their minds off of their surroundings. Some of the most common distractions that take truck drivers’ attention away from driving include: Cell Phone Usage: All types of cell phone use can cause significant distractions to truckers. Although texting and driving seems to be the focus most often, studies show that talking on cell phones can be just as deadly. According to recent research, a cell phone conversation creates an “attention disengagement” that can slow a driver’s reaction time- raising the risk of an accident. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that about 26 percent of all crashes

Major Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

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Many truck accidents are caused by truck companies and truck drivers who act in a negligent manner and put the lives of others at risk. Many of these accidents are completely preventable if the trucking industry and truck driver take steps to protect other passengers on the roadways. Some of the common reasons for fatal truck accidents include: Driver Fatigue Truck drivers are incentivized to deliver loads as quickly as possible because they are often paid by the load. The faster that they can get products delivered, the faster they are paid, causing many truck drivers to cheat the system. Federal agencies recognize the dangers that truck drivers pose and have institute hours of service requirements that require truck drivers to take rest breaks after traveling for so long and to work for a maximum number of hours a day. However, not all trucking companies or drivers follow these requirements. Often, individuals wind up injured or killed in truck accidents caused by tired drivers. Speeding Drivers who want to deliver their loads faster may also speed to get to their destination more quickly. However, commercial trucks often weigh more than 20 times the weight of the average passenger vehicle. This

Taking a Stand Against Tipsy, Stoned Drivers

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Even with increased enforcement and education, drunk drivers continue to cause injuries and claim lives. In 2015, 1.1 million individuals were arrested for drunk driving; however, that’s just 1% of the nearly 111 million self-reported incidents of drunk driving that take place every year. The Toll of Drunk Driving 10,265 people died in drunk driving accidents in 2015. This represents nearly 1/3 of all traffic related fatalities. Drunk driving accidents are also the leading cause of for children under the age of 14. In 2015, 1,132 automobile related accident deaths were recorded in this demographic. Of these, 16% were caused by a drunk driver. It is estimated that every 2 minutes, a driver, passenger, or pedestrian is killed by a drunk driver. Even more frightening are statistics collected by MADD that show 50-75% of convicted drunk drivers will continue to operate a motor vehicle while on a suspended license. Over the course of a lifetime, it is estimated that 2 in every 3 motorists will be involved in an alcohol-related crash. Each year, drunk driving accidents cost Americans more than $132 billion in the form of emergency medical care, treatment, lost wages, property damage, and funeral expenses. Effects of Marijuana

Nerve Damage: How Simple Injuries can Result in Serious Harms

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Nerve damage is a deceptively simple “catch-all” term that describes a wide range of accidents and injuries that can result in devastating harms that affect people for the rest of their lives. Nerve damage is tricky because it sneaks up on people, the initial injury could start a chain reaction that does not result in substantial pain or damage for weeks or months. Moreover, once nerve damage is ascertained, it is often permanent and can result in debilitating pain, loss of motor functions, and feeling. Causes of Nerve Damage Nerves are remarkably sensitive organs. They snake throughout the human body and are responsible for every sensation a human can experience from warm and cold to sharp and dull. Nerves are also intimately connected to the spine and brain and are responsible for alerting the brain when something is wrong with a part of the body. Therefore when nerves suffer damage, these damaged nerves send confusing or contradictory instructions to the brain which results in ghost pain and other issues commonly associated with nerve damage. Injury to peripheral nerves (those spread throughout the body) can occur through a broad range of trauma including: Lacerations that damage or sever a nerve: such

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