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Year: 2017

When injuries to tenants or third parties occur, a Nevada property owner or manager may be liable if it is […]

Pedestrian accidents are becoming increasingly common in Nevada and across the U.S. A large contributor to the problem for both […]

In recognition of the unique dangers that firefighters, police officers and other first responders face in their jobs, the Nevada […]

A regulation that was finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect workers and the public from chemical plant accidents […]

People who go to restaurants or bars in Nevada may be seriously injured if their drinks are tainted with toxic […]

An important rule to screen and assist truckers with obstructive sleep apnea could save lives and prevent injuries to countless […]

According to researchers, the outcome of whiplash injuries that are suffered by people in Nevada might be predicted by post-accident […]

OSHA recently changed its fatality reporting requirements on its website and will report fewer workplace fatalities in the future under […]

Despite safety improvements in all types of vehicles, small cars in Nevada still carry higher injury risks when they are […]