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Year: 2019

Railroad crossing accidents are a deadly problem in the United States. The number of fatalities and injuries on the rails is […]

Vehicles equipped with the right safety features keep drivers and passengers safe from injuries and wrongful death. Technological advances over […]

Slips, trips, and falls on public buses can cause serious harm to passengers. When these accidents occur, the bus driver, […]

Stricter enforcement of the law and harsher penalties may deter companies and commercial truck drivers from behaviors that place motorists at […]

Parents who follow a few safety precautions on Halloween can help protect their kids from preventable injuries caused by car […]

Negligent behavior by camp counselors and others responsible for supervising children can result in serious slip and fall accidents. Failing […]

Unsteady furniture and wobbling toddlers are a deadly combination that results in the death of a child every 10 days in the […]

As automation becomes more common, it is creating opportunities for distraction that could lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. […]

An independent truck accident investigation is crucial for establishing the cause of a large vehicle accident. Without it, individuals are […]