NutriBullet Owners Beware: Exploding Blenders Are Causing Severe Injuries

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Exploding NutriBullet blenders are leaving consumers with serious burns, lacerations, and other significant injuries and numerous personal injury lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer. The force of the explosion is significant and can cause deforming injuries. Manufactured by Capital Brands, the devices may soon be banned for sale in the United States because of the increasing number of reports of injuries caused when the blenders fail. Explosions Caused by Overheating Many of the explosions occur as the result of the motor overheating. While the devices are equipped with a thermal cut-out that is designed to shut the device off if the motor overheats, this safety feature does not always work. The blender is designed to operate for 60 seconds. However, many users claim their devices have exploded before this point even when they are using the blender to mix liquids that are chilled or at room temperature. As the motor heats up, it transfers thermal energy into the liquid within the plastic mixing container. This causes the liquid to expand which leads the plastic container to split open at the base or explode. Injuries Caused by Explosive Failure Explosive failure of the mixing container can eject plastic shards and

When Defective Truck Parts Cause a Crash

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When defective components on a commercial truck fail and cause a crash, serious injury or death is often the result. Brakes, tires, and steering components are some of the most common parts to fail and liability for these failures can fall upon the vehicle manufacturer, part manufacturer, or fleet operator. At the turn of the century, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) identified mechanical failures as a primary or contributing cause in approximately one-third of large truck accidents. Common Equipment Failures Brakes, tires, and lighting system failures are some of the most common mechanical failures that can cause a large truck accident. Data gathered by the Department of Transportation shows that up to 30% of large truck accidents involve some form of brake failure. When tires or brakes fail, the operator of the vehicle can lose control over the truck’s direction and careen into other traffic, guardrails, ditches, etc. When lighting systems fail, they can diminish the driver’s field of vision and make the truck less visible to other cars, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians on the road. Other frequently cited component failures include engines that overheat and shut down, shocks that malfunction, hub assemblies that cause wheel separation, and

Using Your Health Insurance When You’ve Been in a Car Accident

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Individuals who are involved in a car crash or accident in Nevada should file claims with their own health insurance provider to cover their medical expenses. We have had numerous clients who have done this to cover their immediate medical expenses in the aftermath of a car crash or accident. Patients don’t have to delay treatment for their injuries nor do they have to bear the considerable financial burden that medical bills can create when they use their health insurance after a crash. Insurance in Nevada Nevada is a “fault” state and drivers are required to carry a minimum of $25,000 in liability coverage for bodily injury to one individual, and $50,000 for bodily injury to more than one person. People can use this coverage to cover their own medical expenses if they are injured in an automobile accident in Nevada, but payment from the at fault insurer will not pay until the end of the case. However, all policies are not the same. Few cover lost wages or funeral expenses unless they are added as riders to the policy. In most cases, these additions are inexpensive and can provide considerable protection in the event of a car crash or

Posting to Social Media Can Ruin Your Injury Claim

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When people post on social media after an accident, they can adversely affect their claim for compensation. Insurance companies and their attorneys may review social media posts to find photos or comments that can give them an upper hand for undermining the victim’s claim. While it can be tempting to share experiences with friends and family via platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we’ve seen cases where social media posts have jeopardized claims, even when they had nothing to do with the accidents or injuries. Comments Might Pass as Admission of Fault Determining who is at fault after a car accident can be a very complicated process unless one of the parties admits to liability. Posting casual comments such as “I never saw that car coming” or “I just crashed my vehicle” can be misconstrued to imply that the victim is admitting to having caused the accident, even when the reverse is true. To avoid misinterpretation in court, it is imperative to avoid making such comments on social media. Also, posting too much can be used to show that the claimant did not suffer the emotional distress that is normally associated with severe accidents. Online Posts Might Be Used to Counter

What You Should Do Immediately After a Car Accident

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Whether it’s a fender bender or a serious crash, there are critical steps to be taken immediately after a car accident. Accidents occur in a split second, and when they do, physical injuries, damages to the car, medical expenses and mechanical bills are often the aftermath. Staying calm and following a few simple steps can help protect accident victims and make the claims process a little easier. Gathering Witnesses and Information Car crash victims should stay at the accident scene until law enforcement arrives. After calling the police and paramedics, victims should collect information from everyone who was involved in the crash. Gathering the names of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses as well as their contact information is vital. Also, license plate numbers and the make and model of all vehicles involved in the crash and insurance policy information should be exchanged. The time and location of the accident should also be documented. In most cases, this information is gathered by responding police. If applicable, the accident report number should be obtained for future reference. Taking Pictures and Preserving Videos Documenting the consequences of a car crash entails taking photographs and videos of the involved vehicles, and of the individuals

Benefits of Using Medical Pay Coverage

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Used as a supplement rather than a replacement of health insurance, Med Pay covers medical and funeral costs resulting from auto accidents. This insurance provides coverage for out of pocket expenses and is purchased as part of a person’s car insurance policy. It includes copays and deductibles, regardless of who is at fault, and it covers both the driver and passengers. The coverage also protects policyholders even when they are using public transportation or riding in a friend’s car. Health Insurance vs. Med Pay When a person sustains injuries during an accident, Med Pay may pay for all medical and funeral expenses up to the coverage amount. It pays for doctor visits, ambulance fees, surgery, rehabilitation, medical equipment, dental care and more. Also if the coverage holder sustains pedestrian injuries, that person is entitled to medical payments from the Med Pay insurance provider. Accident victims who are covered under a health insurance policy should present their health insurance information to the hospital or healthcare provider first. That way, the remaining balances can be covered by Med Pay. For auto crash victims lacking health insurance coverage, Med Pay will be there to save the day. However, Med Pay should not be

Faulty Bus Design Puts Cyclists at Risk

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Unsafe bus and truck designs pose a significant hazard for unsuspecting pedestrians and cyclists on the road. This is evident from a recent verdict awarding $18.7 million to a cyclist’s family when the bus company was found culpable for causing his wrongful death. The court established that the bus company in question ought to have taken reasonable measures to make the vehicle safe for the cyclists sharing the road. Poor Aerodynamics Triggered the Accident After lengthy deliberation, the jurors found the defendant, Motor Coach Industries, liable for causing the death of cyclist Kavyan Khiabani. As Khiabani was riding his bicycle alongside a tour bus, negative air pressure dragged him beneath it, and he was consequently crushed. It was established that the poor aerodynamics of the bus created a negative pressure zone that exerted a sucking force, drawing the cyclist underneath the vehicle. Also, the defendant was found liable for failing to provide adequate warnings regarding the danger of cycling in close proximity to the bus; they ought to have recognized that the design posed a hazard for bicyclists. The lack of proximity sensors for alerting the driver about nearby pedestrians and cyclists who are out of view further cemented the

Over One-Third of First Year Drivers Are Involved in a Crash

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More than one-third of young drivers are involved in car accidents within their first year of driving. Speeding, taking on risky behaviors, and driving while distracted all play a significant role in the crash rate. Establishing some ground rules, such as prohibiting reckless or distracted driving, requiring young drivers to wear seatbelts, and encouraging them to drive at safe speeds can substantially reduce the risk for accidents during a driver’s first year. The Optimistic Perception High crash rates among young, inexperienced drivers are significantly attributable to their risk perception. These drivers tend to be overly optimistic about the likelihood of negative events occurring to them and they often overestimate their driving skills. They adopt dangerous behaviors like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which render them susceptible to getting involved in auto accidents. According to a recent NIH study, teens are about five times more likely to take part in risky driving behaviors when compared with their parents. To help reduce the chances of young driver crashes, parents should remind their kids about the adverse effects of impaired or reckless driving. Distracted Driving It’s not unusual to find young drivers engaging in distractive activities that make them take

Determining the Safest Cars for Teens

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Given that the rate of fatal accidents among young drivers is higher than that of older drivers, it is crucial to focus on safety when buying cars for teens. Fortunately, a lot of modern vehicles come with safety features like lane departure warning, forward collision, and collision prevention systems as well as blind spot monitors, that are designed to detect and prevent accidents. However, determining the safest cars for teens requires gathering essential information regarding vehicle safety. What to Look For The safest vehicles for teenagers are larger, heavier models with lower horsepower, high safety ratings, and electronic stability control. ESC is standard on all modern cars and it’s a feature that parents will want to look for when buying a car for a teen driver. When the driver loses steering control, the ESC system automatically applies the brakes to the wheels, which guides the car back to the intended path. Parents should also go for a vehicle with side airbags, which go a long way in protecting the head in the event of an accident. Midsize and Large Cars Midsize and large cars for teenagers offer superior crash protection as compared to small or compact vehicles. While parents might be tempted

Truckers Aren’t the Only Ones Hurt when a HAZMAT Truck Crashes

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HAZMAT truck crashes in Nevada may be much more serious than other types of truck collisions because of the dangers that are presented by the hazardous materials that they transport. Some of the substances are flammable or explosive, and others are poisonous to humans or are radioactive. When these materials are spilled in a collision, they may cause explosions, fires, or radioactive exposures. The materials may also poison groundwater and impact people in the area that is near to the crash site. Because of these dangers, HAZMAT truck drivers must undergo specific training and have additional regulations governing them. There are several factors that increase the likelihood of a HAZMAT truck crash’s severity, and the factors are largely preventable. Why HAZMAT Truck Crashes Are Dangerous HAZMAT trucks are used to transport hazardous materials that are dangerous to humans and that may interact with other non-hazardous materials. When these trucks are involved in crashes, there is a risk that the dangerous materials that they are carrying will be released. Flammable materials may ignite and cause severe fires, and some hazardous materials may explode or cause the release of radioactive materials into the environment. If people are contacted by these materials or

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