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Poor stairway design, deficient construction, and inadequate maintenance are common factors that lead to slips and falls on stairs and […]

Drivers who use stimulants to fight off fatigue place themselves and other motorists at considerable risk for an accident. The […]

Slips, trips, and falls are common hazards and their causes range from slippery surfaces caused by weather to poorly conducted […]

As the seasons change, motorists face a number of risks as they head out for a weekend drive in Northern […]

Thousands of children are injured every year while engaging in school sporting events including football, wrestling, gymnastics, and other sports. […]

Exploding NutriBullet blenders are leaving consumers with serious burns, lacerations, and other significant injuries and numerous personal injury lawsuits have […]

When defective components on a commercial truck fail and cause a crash, serious injury or death is often the result. […]

Individuals who are involved in a car crash or accident in Nevada should file claims with their own health insurance […]

When people post on social media after an accident, they can adversely affect their claim for compensation. Insurance companies and […]