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Many workers may be working under the dangerous illusion that their workplace safety initiatives adequately protect them from harm. Workplace […]

Technological distractions can cause pedestrians to fail to notice nearby or approaching dangers such as moving vehicles, broken sidewalks, trenches, […]

Automobile accidents in work zones are a common cause of traffic fatalities and their prevalence highlights the importance of adhering […]

In most cases such as the recent fatal fall from the High Roller in Las Vegas, property owners are not […]

An increase in truck drivers over age 65 is creating a dangerous situation for motorists and pedestrians because older truckers […]

Heavy traffic, driver fatigue, and distracted drivers are just a few of the dangers facing commuters during their evening commutes. […]

Foam pits are filled with polyurethane foam blocks that are intended to provide a soft and safe landing for adults […]

Developmental delays, unexplained injuries, and shady visitation policies could indicate abuse in even the most reputable daycares. To keep children […]

Insurance companies involved in an accident claim are not on the side of the victim. While insurance adjusters may feign […]