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When covering medical bills after a car accident, individuals may be able to receive coverage through their existing auto and […]

As the coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread and companies have closed their facilities, employees have been forced to work […]

If a child is injured during a softball game or another youth sports event, a court may still find the […]

There are several potential causes of head-on collisions, which are rare but are often devastating when they do occur. A […]

Escalators are found in many locations, and while falls and malfunctions are rare, they can still occur, potentially resulting in […]

Garbage truck drivers are responsible for not only providing reliable and consistent disposal of trash, but they are also responsible […]

Driving without a license is not only against the law, but it can also have an impact on an auto […]

Parents who spend the time teaching children bicycle safety are parents whose children have less risk of getting in an […]

When pregnant women are injured in car crashes and personal injury claims are filed, at-fault drivers may be liable for […]