Why Prom Night Can Be Dangerous

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Prom night is expensive in Nevada, and there are also several increased dangers that parents might take steps to prevent from occurring. Teens are much likelier to engage in risky behavior and may celebrate the night by drinking alcohol or using drugs. Many teens head to after parties following prom. If they become intoxicated, they have a heightened risk of being sexually assaulted. Some teens choose to drive home after they have been drinking and may cause accidents. Parents should be aware of the dangers and take preventative steps to keep their children and other people safe on prom night. Prom Night Dangers An average of 5,000 people who are under the age of 21 is killed in accidents that are caused by underage drinking. Alcohol is to blame for almost 33 percent of the accidents involving teens. Many teens drink alcohol on prom night. When surveyed, 90 percent of teens said that they believe that their peers will drink on prom night. Underage drinking on prom night can increase the risk of drunk driving accidents. People who go to parties and who become intoxicated are also in danger of being sexually assaulted while they are incapacitated. Those who drink

Do You Live In One Of Nevada’s Safest Cities

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Reno does not fall within the top five safest cities in Nevada and stronger security measures are needed to help keep people safe. Out of 182 cities, Reno received an overall safety ranking of 82 and a home and community safety ranking of 53 and while this shows that Reno is not the most dangerous place to live, it also demonstrates the importance of providing adequate security in the city’s casinos, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. How Reno Stacks Up in Safety While Reno didn’t make the list of the five safest cities in Nevada, the cities that earned that distinction by order from one to five include Yerington, Boulder City, Mesquite, Carlin, and Henderson. A comparison of 182 cities across the nation found that Reno ranked at number 53 in the home and community safety ranking, which would include violent crimes, assaults and property crimes. Overall, Reno received a safety ranking of 82 out of 182. Per 1,000 residents, Reno has a violent crime rate of 7.06. By comparison, Yerington, which is the state’s safest city, has a violent crime rate of just 0.66 per 1,000 residents. This clearly illustrates the importance of enhanced security measures in Reno. Keeping Safe

Do You Want a Car that Crumples?

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Most modern cars are built with crumple zones that absorb more of the physical forces released in collisions, helping to protect drivers and passengers from severe injuries and death. While vehicles that crumple might sustain more damage than older vehicles in a crash, car occupants are less likely to absorb the kinetic energy that occurs on impact. The inclusion of these zones in modern vehicles increases their safety when accidents happen. What Are Crumple Zones? Crumple zones are areas of vehicles that are designed to crumple upon impact. This helps to divert the physical forces of accidents away from the occupants because the cars themselves are able to absorb more of the energy upon impact. Older vehicles were designed to be rigid, which meant that they sustained less damage. However, when collisions involving older cars occurred, the vehicles stopped suddenly, but the occupants would continue to travel at the same speed that the vehicles had been traveling just prior to the collisions, causing a personal injury. Lawyers say that as a result, a greater number of people suffered catastrophic injuries or fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. How Crumple Zones Work Crumple zones are designed so that they take advantage of

Is Your Child’s Playground Safe? [infographic]

Child Playground Safety

Playgrounds are popular destinations for many families in Nevada, but a number of dangers that exist on and around playground equipment can cause these areas to be unsafe. Before taking children to play, parents and caregivers should carefully evaluate the playgrounds in their area and be on the lookout for hazards that could pose threats. Parents should opt for playgrounds that have impact-absorbing surface coverings around the equipment, and they should always supervise their children while they are playing. Parents should also avoid taking their children to playgrounds that have broken equipment. If they see problems with a playground or its equipment, parents and caregivers should report the issues to the playground’s owners so they can be addressed. (Article continues below infographic) ______ Common Types of Playground Accidents There are many potential playground accidents that can happen. Some of the most common accidents involve: Falls from or onto equipment Strangulation when drawstrings get caught in equipment Trips over debris such as rocks or tree roots Falls from swings or slides Injuries from broken equipment Children between the ages of five and nine are the likeliest to sustain playground-related injuries that require them to visit the emergency department. The Frequency of

Timing Is Everything in a Nevada Personal Injury Claim

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Nevadans who are injured because of the negligent or willful acts of others must file their personal injury claims within a set period of time, or they risk permanently losing their right to recover damages. While the statute of limitations and statute of repose for personal injury claims in Nevada govern the time frame in which a victim must file a claim, they can vary depending on the injury suffered. Therefore it is important for people to familiarize themselves with these limitations so they don’t lose their ability to recover damages, according to attorneys in Reno, NV. Understanding the Statute of Limitations Nevadans have a set time period in which they can file civil claims and the clock starts ticking the moment the injury occurs or is first discovered. This time period is called the statute of limitations. If people don’t file their claims within the limitations period, they will not be able to recover damages for their resulting losses. Different types of claims have their own limitations periods. For most types of personal injury cases, claims must be filed within two years after the date of the injury or the date that the injury was discovered. Wrongful death and

Amazon Key Opens the Door for Liability Issues

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Amazon Key, which is a system that allows delivery drivers to enter homes for package delivery, is causing a number of liability concerns for residents in Nevada. While the service may help prevent packages from getting stolen from porches and other accessible areas, it could enable thieves and other criminals to gain access to customers’ homes by hacking the computer systems. Personal injury risks are also a concern. Premises liability issues may arise if the homeowners’ dogs attack the drivers when they enter the homes or if drivers are injured because of a hazardous condition that exists inside of the home. Attorneys in Reno, NV are attempting to parse through the potential liability issues that could result from the use of Amazon Key. How Amazon Key Works Amazon Key is a smart lock system that is available to Amazon Prime members. The system costs $249 with free installation of the lock and a security camera. When the delivery driver arrives, he or she requests access by using an app. The company then checks its records to make certain that the drivers are at the correct addresses before unlocking the doors. There is a camera inside that videotapes drivers when they

Hotel Workers At Risk [infographic]

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Nevadans who work in hotels face unique injury risks, necessitating that both the workers and their employers take steps to reduce the chance of injury. Hotel workers who are particularly at risk include housekeeping staff, janitorial and maintenance workers and kitchen staff. Hotels should be cognizant of the risks that their workers face so that they can implement measures that can increase workplace safety. Workers should be certain to use the proper equipment, follow the correct procedures and report unsafe conditions to their employers. Workers who are injured, while they are working, should promptly report their injuries. They may then file claims for workers’ compensation benefits so that their medical expenses will be paid. If workers are left facing temporary or permanent disabilities, disability benefits may also be available through workers’ compensation.

When Wide-Turn Trucks Put the Squeeze on Victims

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Squeeze play truck accidents occur when large commercial trucks make wide right turns and their unsafe turning procedures or another driver’s misinterpretation of their motives cause big rigs to put the squeeze on smaller cars. Trucks must take wide right-hand turns because the rear wheels will travel a tighter path than the front wheels, and the longer the vehicle, the greater the difference. In many cases, large trucks will move left before swinging into other lanes of traffic to make right turns. This incorrect driving procedure, combined with the possibility of misinterpretation by other motorists is a dangerous mix that can result in significant property damage, serious injuries, and death. Common Types of Right-Hand Turn Truck Crashes Some right turn truck crashes are caused by truck driver error while others are caused by mistakes made by other drivers. The most common types of collisions that can happen when trucks turn right include: Head-on crashes between the truck and oncoming traffic while truck drivers are swinging wide Crashes when truck drivers sideswipe vehicles while attempting to negotiate the turns Collisions with motorists who are attempting to pass on the right while trucks are swinging wide Collisions with pedestrians, parked cars or

Unintentional Injury: A Leading Cause of Death in Nevada [infographic]

Unintentional Injury_ A Leading Cause of Death in Nevada

Unintentional injuries that result in death have trended upwards in Nevada and in the rest of the U.S., and they are the leading cause of death for people ages 44 and under. Overall, unintentional injuries are the fourth leading cause of death among people of all age groups. Most of these deaths are preventable, making it important for everyone to take precautionary measures to avoid causing or becoming the victims of unintentional injuries. Different age groups face varying risks of types of injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a goal of reducing deaths caused by unintentional injuries by 10 percent over the next two years. (Article continues below infographic) Unintentional Injuries by the Numbers According to the CDC, Nevadans suffered 72 injury deaths per 100,000 people in 2017. This was an increase over the 70 deaths per 100,000 that happened in 2015 and 2016. The upward trend was also seen across the U.S. Overall, 60.6 people died per 100,000 people in 2015, 61.5 died per 100,000 people in 2016, and 63.4 died per 100,000 in 2017. In Nevada, 4.8 thousand people suffered unintentional injury deaths while 479,000 people did overall in the U.S. Males were much likelier

Are Landlords Responsible for Residential Fires that Injure or Kill Thousands?

When fires injure or kill Nevadans because of negligent maintenance or repairs, the landlords may be liable for damages. While landlords are normally not responsible for a tenant’s personal property losses, they may be liable if fires are caused by faulty wiring or malfunctioning appliances. They may also hold liability if they have failed to install working smoke detectors in the units. When tenants rent homes, there is an implied warranty of habitability. Landlords must maintain their properties in good working order so that the homes are livable and safe. House Fire Prevalence Between Jan. 1, 2016 and Jan. 18, 2018, 39 people died in Nevada house fires. From 2007 to 2011, the National Fire Protection Association reports that an estimated 2,570 people were killed in the U.S. in fires and another 13,210 victims were injured each year. When fires are caused by tenants, the landlords will not be liable. However, when fires result because of landlord negligence, injured tenants or the families of those who were killed may be able to hold property owners and management companies liable to pay damages. Landlord Liability for House Fires In Nevada, landlords are required by law to maintain their rental properties in

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