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Car Accidents

Drivers who learn how to “zipper merge” can reduce their risk of a motor vehicle accident. When drivers fail to […]

Speed, road conditions, vehicle make/model, brake conditions, and many other factors can affect a vehicle’s stopping distance. When a motor […]

Fatal accidents caused by running red lights are on the rise in Nevada and across the United States. Failure to […]

Vehicles equipped with the right safety features keep drivers and passengers safe from injuries and wrongful death. Technological advances over […]

As automation becomes more common, it is¬†creating opportunities for distraction that could lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. […]

Teenagers who know how to drive defensively are less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Teaching teenagers […]

While there are many causes of wrong-way accidents, most boil down to bad decisions that are easily changed. Driving under […]

Drugged driving may soon overtake alcohol impairment as the leading cause of deadly car crashes in the United States. The […]

Adopting defensive driving techniques is one of the most effective methods of reducing accident risk. Having a constant awareness of […]