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Personal Injury

Railroad crossing accidents are a deadly problem in the United States. The number of fatalities and injuries on the rails is […]

Parents who follow a few safety precautions on Halloween can help protect their kids from preventable injuries caused by car […]

Unsteady furniture and wobbling toddlers are a deadly combination that results in the death of a child every 10 days in the […]

Lake Tahoe is filled with deadly dangers that can cause drowning, traumatic brain injuries, hypothermia, and watercraft accidents. Each year, […]

There are certain instances when parents, spouses, and legal guardians can pursue compensation for injuries suffered by their loved ones. […]

Children in the US are 57% more likely to die by the time they are 19 than children in other […]

Tasers are considered “less than lethal” weapons, however, they can cause severe personal injuries or wrongful deaths when used. Whether […]

Developmental delays, unexplained injuries, and shady visitation policies could indicate abuse in even the most reputable daycares. To keep children […]

Infant walkers cause significant injuries to thousands of children every year. They are of little actual value for child development […]