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Personal Injury

Individuals exposed to the dangers of Zantac amid the recent recall may be able to file personal injury claims. There […]

The thin skull rule, or the eggshell plaintiff rule, is a theory in tort cases in which a defendant is unable to use a […]

When covering medical bills after a car accident, individuals may be able to receive coverage through their existing auto and […]

A motion for summary judgment involves a litigant requesting the court to rule in favor of the moving party against […]

If a child is injured during a softball game or another youth sports event, a court may still find the […]

When pregnant women are injured in car crashes and personal injury claims are filed, at-fault drivers may be liable for […]

Accepting an early settlement offer can leave accident victims holding the bag for undetected injuries that present themselves months or […]

Structures under construction may be unstable and can pose a risk of sudden failure that can injure or kill individuals […]

73 infant deaths have prompted the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue warnings to parents to discontinue the […]