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Work Injuries

Injured workers may be able to sue an employer directly for workplace injuries when the employer’s negligence causes injury or […]

There are many ways lost wages are calculated in Nevada and choosing the right method is the key to receiving […]

Many workers may be working under the dangerous illusion that their workplace safety initiatives adequately protect them from harm. Workplace […]

Employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors are breaking the law. It’s a growing problem in the “Gig” economy and […]

Excavations without cave-in protection expose workers to the deadly risk of becoming crushed, trapped, or suffering from suffocation caused by […]

Nevadans who work in hotels face unique injury risks, necessitating that both the workers and their employers take steps to […]

In recognition of the unique dangers that firefighters, police officers and other first responders face in their jobs, the Nevada […]

A regulation that was finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect workers and the public from chemical plant accidents […]

OSHA recently changed its fatality reporting requirements on its website and will report fewer workplace fatalities in the future under […]