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Who’s Side Is the Insurance Company Really On?

Posted on February 08, 2019
Who’s Side Is the Insurance Company Really On?

Insurance companies involved in an accident claim are not on the side of the victim. While insurance adjusters may feign friendship with accident victims, their main concern is the company’s own bottom line- which means minimizing settlements. Unfortunately, they will go to great lengths to accomplish their goals, twisting the facts and even denying claims to avoid payouts.

Insurance Companies Are Typically in It for Themselves

Insurance companies might pretend to have a claimant’s best interests in mind, but they aren’t necessarily deserving of accident victims’ trust. They may be responsible for paying for medical bills, property damage, and other losses caused by car accidents, but they’re like any other business and their main goal is to make a profit. Maximizing profitability for insurers ultimately means hanging on to their money.

To accomplish their goal, fast-talking reps will often twist victim statements, misdirect fault, and even deny coverage. They often express their concern and offer quick payouts to settle claims before the reality of the damages has a chance to set in.

There are certain warning signs that individuals can look out for which will indicate whether or not an insurance company is acting unscrupulously following a car accident or other incident. These include:

    • Insurers deny coverage for medical care and treatment
    • Insurance companies claim the accident is the fault of the victim even if the victim disagrees
    • The insurance company attempts to get victims to accept a quick and insufficient settlement, regardless of whether or not they are still receiving treatment and recovering from their injuries
    • Insurance adjusters distract victims with “friendly” chat about other topics such as family, hobbies, or their career
    • Interactions with the company leave the client with feelings of dissatisfaction or even resentment and humiliation
    • Companies pressure victims to provide official recorded statements or specific details that they aren’t legally required to provide

One of the best ways to avoid getting taken advantage of by insurance companies is to speak with a car accident lawyer before discussing the case with the insurance company. When victims know their rights and are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies, they are less likely to perform actions that could jeopardize their claims.