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Significant injuries can result in financial burdens that can cause immense stress, making your recovery challenging. Nevada personal injury lawyer Kathleen Sigurdson is committed to helping you obtain maximum compensation to cover the costs associated with your injuries.

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Personal Injury

Our firm understands that each personal injury case is unique, and may involve multiple responsible parties and contributing factors. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable for your injuries.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause injuries that are severe, disabling, and even deadly to drivers and their passengers. Kathleen Sigurdson offers compassionate legal representation to help you recover the expenses and losses that result from your car accident.

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Truck Accident

The mere size and weight of large trucks often mean that injuries that result from crashes are severe. Trucking companies, truck drivers and insurance companies can be held accountable for injuries and losses that are incurred.

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Motorcycle Accident

Since motorcycles offer significantly less protection than enclosed motor vehicles, the injuries that result from a motorcycle accident are often severe. If your accident has resulted in medical expenses or the inability to work, we will help you recover damages from the responsible party.

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Slip and Fall / Premises Liability

If you or your loved one has suffered serious injuries as the result of a slip, trip or fall accident, the property owner or other entity may be liable for damages. We will help you recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

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Dog Bites

Dog Bites in Reno happen at a regular frequency. Often times, those bitten know the dog or are visiting a friend or neighbor who own a dog. Whatever the case, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their animals.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can result in significant, life changing injuries that require ongoing medical treatment and often cause long-term or even permanent disability. Whether your accident was caused by the recklessness of another party, dangerous bike route conditions or even a defective bicycle, Kathleen Sigurdson will make sure the responsible party pays.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Victims of pedestrian accidents that are caused by the direct actions or negligence of someone else may be able to recover financial compensation from the parties who are responsible. Kathleen Sigurdson is dedicated to ensuring that you obtain justice for your injuries.

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Mining Accidents

If you or your loved one has suffered serious injuries or fatality as the result of a mining accident, multiple parties may be able to be held liable. Contact our firm today for a FREE case evaluation.

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Inadequate Security

Business owners in the state of Nevada are obligated to provide adequate security to ensure that foreseeable criminal activity is controlled to the best of their ability. When an individual becomes the victim of a crime and adequate security is not provided, the property owner can be held liable for damages.

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Distracted Driving

Distractions while driving can result in crashes that cause significant property damage, personal injuries, and even fatality. If you or your loved one has been involved in a distracted driving accident, you are urged to contact our firm to discuss your legal options as soon as possible.

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Wrongful Death

While we understand that nothing can replace a loved one who has been lost to wrongful death, we can help you obtain financial compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, lost wages and more.

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Workplace Injuries

In Nevada, most workers who suffer on the job injuries are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Kathleen Sigurdson will aggressively pursue your work related injury claim to help you receive financial compensation for your losses.

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Construction Injuries

Construction accidents often result in severe, and sometimes permanently disabling injuries that result in missed work and expensive medical treatment. Our firm can help you recover financial compensation to cover the losses involved with your injury.

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Nursing Injuries

Significant back injuries, shoulder injuries and neck injuries are common in the nursing industry. If you have suffered an injury that has resulted in lost time from work or medical treatment, you may be entitled to compensation to help cover your expenses.

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Office Worker Injury

Office workers are exposed to a different set of hazards than other workers. Carpal tunnel from repetitive motions can debilitate a worker and may necessitate surgery. Toxic gases or chemicals may pollute the environment resulting in serious injury, sickness or death.

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Ranch Worker Injuries

Ranch workers who have been injured on the job may be able to recover damages through worker’s compensation benefits or other types of claims. Contact Kathleen Sigurdson for a FREE case evaluation to determine what types of compensation you may be entitled to.

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Truck Driver Injuries

Heavy lifting, slips and falls, and repetitive motion can result in truck driver injuries that require medical treatment and lost time from work. Our firm can help you obtain financial relief from the parties who are responsible for your injuries.

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Bus Driver

Accidents involving school buses or corporate or airport shuttles may result in great injury given the size and weight of these motor vehicles. Additionally, these vehicles transport a greater number of passengers, making the likelihood of injury much greater. Further complicating matters, the larger size of these vehicles often results in accidents with multiple other cars, trucks or pedestrians.

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