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Don’t Accept that Settlement Yet: You Could Have Undetected Injuries

Posted on February 12, 2020
Don’t Accept that Settlement Yet: You Could Have Undetected Injuries

Accepting an early settlement offer can leave accident victims holding the bag for undetected injuries that present themselves months or years down the road. Whenever an individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident, a thorough medical exam is necessary to identify current injuries as well as those that are not so obvious. Accident victims who settle early could lose their right to recover compensation if hidden injuries are discovered in the future.

Common Undetected Injuries

Many injuries don’t present themselves immediately after a motor vehicle accident. Adrenaline and other hormones that spike to protect the injured victim during the crash can mask some serious injuries for days, weeks, and even months after the accident. Some of the most common delayed injuries that an accident lawyer in Nevada commonly sees include:

Headaches – Individuals who experience a headache in the immediate aftermath of an accident should be checked for signs of Traumatic Brain Injury and toxic exposure. Headaches can occur because of blunt force trauma or contact with fumes from fuel or other fluids spilled in the crash.

Neck and Shoulder Pain – Neck and shoulder pain are common symptoms of whiplash. Whiplash can appear immediately, or it can appear in the days and weeks following a crash. When promptly treated, the prognosis is usually good. However, a small number of individuals with whiplash will go on to develop chronic pain that can last for years.

Back Pain – Back pain often occurs when the individual’s body is thrust to and fro in the collision. This causes unnatural twisting and bending of the spine which can damage discs, cartilage, and nerves. Back pain is usually progressive and worsens without appropriate treatment. Back pain is often accompanied by tingling or numbness; both of which are symptoms of nerve damage.

Abdominal Pain – Injuries to the abdomen usually cause deep bruising. They can also cause lightheadedness, fainting, and dizziness. Abdominal injuries can include organ damage and internal bleeding that should be promptly treated as these are potentially life-threatening. However, even with treatment, the injury may permanently impair organ function and require extensive therapy and surgical intervention to correct.   

Many times, insurance providers will offer “low ball” settlements before the victim has the chance to realize the extent of his or her injuries. Victims are usually entitled to recover far more for the injuries they incur in a motor vehicle accident in Nevada.