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These Unsafe Driving Behaviors Are Everywhere

Posted on December 14, 2018
These Unsafe Driving Behaviors Are Everywhere

Dangerous driving behaviors including operating a vehicle while drunk, drug-impaired, distracted, or drowsy can lead to motor vehicle accidents, yet 87% of drivers across the nation continue to take risks that place other motorists and pedestrians at risk of serious harm or wrongful death. When the actions of dangerous drivers cause harm, an auto accident attorney in Nevada can help hold them accountable for the impact of their actions.

One in Three Impacted by Crashes

One in three Americans has a close family member or friend who has suffered serious injury or fatality in a motor vehicle accident. Approximately one in five motorists has been involved in a serious accident, and one in ten has suffered a serious injury.

Although awareness of the risks inherent to dangerous driving behaviors is significantly high, many drivers continue to engage in dangerous driving behaviors.

Common Dangerous Driving Behaviors

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey in 2015. The survey results showed that 36% of drivers admitted to running red lights even though 55% said it was a serious threat, and 76% of respondents said it was unacceptable.

The same survey found that 44% of drivers admitted speeding even though 65% said it was absolutely unacceptable. Similarly, 29% of drivers admitted to driving while drowsy. Of survey respondents, 81% said this behavior was not acceptable.

Finally, the survey showed that 27% of motorists acknowledge typing or sending text messages or emails while driving. In all, 79% of respondents said it was a serious risk to safety, and 84% said that it was an unacceptable driving behavior.

Within the month prior to the survey, 87% of respondents acknowledged engaging in at least one dangerous driving behavior that could cause an auto accident in Nevada.

Watching Out for Unsafe Behaviors

Although motorists cannot control the actions of other drivers, it is crucial for people to closely monitor drivers in their vicinity for signs of dangerous behaviors. Vehicles that are swerving, starting/stopping erratically, and motorists who are clearly distracted should be avoided.

One of the most effective ways to avoid dangerous driving behaviors is for motorists to police their own actions. They should avoid engaging in behaviors including texting, drinking, or sleeping behind the wheel that could lead to a motor vehicle accident in Nevada.